Let's be modest.

THE MODEST BRAND is a modest athleisure label that offers fashionable and comfortable clothing to today’s modern women. Aiming to set a new standard within the modest fashion industry, we strive to champion a community that believes that being modest is a form of liberation rather than restriction regardless of backgrounds and beliefs.

With eco-consciousness at our core, we believe in recycled materials in all of our products and packaging, and while we’re not truly sustainable yet, we’re attaining the goal by constantly innovating and taking all the processes in the production chains into account.

Our collections revolve around three main concepts — Beyond the Gym, Homest Feel and The ATH Icons — which encapsulate the essence of athleisure wear while elevating it for everyday dressing. Equal parts comfort and style, our designs are not only made to ensure freedom of movement, but also freedom of style.

At THE MODEST BRAND, our goals transcend modest wear, and #WECHOOSE to go above and beyond to empower everyone to be true to themselves and to be their own icons.